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Here we offer a variety of resources to support in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Farm Match

Farm Match

Find local farmers that you can connect with in order to get the freshest and best quality meat, eggs, dairy and vegetables for your family.

Cultivate Elevate sources the best superfoods from small organic farms from around the world. These holistic foods were used as medicine, and it’s time for their magical healing properties to elevate our lives once again.  Their pearl powder is a wonderful product that can have amazing effects on the eyes as well as the hair, skin and nails. 

Check our Cultivate Elevate's products here

Cultivate Elevate
Young Living

Essential oils were prized throughout history and by many ancient cultures for their various cosmetic, aromatic and dietary benefits. Many civilizations treasured these oils so much that they were incorporated into their spiritual and religious rituals. In fact, oils are mentioned in many historical texts from around the world.

Essential oils can be diffused in the air and used topically and orally to support your health & well-being. 

Learn more about essential oils here

Circle + Bloom

Circle + Bloom offers resources for fertility and pregnancy and provides you with mindfulness and stress-management techniques to increase your chance of pregnancy. Visualization and meditation are powerful forces to control your body with your thoughts. Circle + Bloom has programs for natural fertility as well as for IVF.

Learn more about Circle + Bloom's programs here

circle + Bloom
TOMA Social_30.png

Toma Skin Therapy

We’re proud to now carry Toma Skin Therapy — plant-based skincare made consciously for people and the planet. 

✨ Formulated by licensed acupuncturists with healing bioadaptive herbs 

✨ Made in small batches with plants grown without pesticides

✨100% free of hormone-disrupting ingredients like parabens & phthalates 

✨ Always vegan, cruelty-free and made with planet-kind packaging 


Browse the line and discover healthier, naturally glowing skin in store now. 

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Fullscript Dispensary

Fullscript gives you access to thousands of supplements and beauty products, with recommendations made by us. You also have access to special practitioner discounts when you have an account with us. 

See our dispensary here.

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