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Improved Blood Count

Jamie is patient and wise and has provided tremendous support to me over the years for migraines, exposure to mold and lower back issues.  A few years ago, my doctor found an abnormality in my bloodwork and has been monitoring it since.  Jamie has done extensive research to help support me with this condition and suggested trying  electro-acupuncture this fall.  At my doctor's appointment last month after a few sessions of electro- acupuncture with Jamie,  the first thing the doctor said to me was, "I don't know what you did, but..." because my blood counts were in the normal range!



Migraine, Sciatica Low Back Pain

Dr. Jamie Wick is fantastic. I have seen results over the past six months for treatment of migraine, sciatica, and low back pain. I have been very impressed with her diagnostic approach, depth of knowledge, and access to a wide array of tools for healing. In addition to acupuncture, she utilizes cupping, herbal medicine, and other techniques to treat a wide variety of ailments. I highly recommend Dr. Jamie Wick


I highly recommend Jamie for all your pain management acupuncture and general healing! She's professional, gentle, soft spoken and gets to know her patients thru a brief check-in conversation before starting sessions. She treated tendinitis in my wrist. After a bad experience with another acupuncturist, I have trust in Jamie to be gentle with her needling. She uses a range of herbal medicines to help in the healing process, which helped to relieve stomach issues and menstural cramps. What a blessing in the Bethesda area! Thank you so much Jamie!

Stiffness & Numbness

I went to Jamie for help with stiffness and numbness in an arm and shoulder. Using several different techniques she was able to relieve my immediate discomfort. After several sessions my arm felt like new. I’d highly recommend her. You can tell she truly cares about her clients.


I have hemidystonia, a neurological movement disorder, which causes involuntary movement in my right hand and leg. Jamie has really helped me a lot to relax the movement in my hand and improve my walking. Working with her has also helped reduce my stress and improve my mood.She is very knowledgeable and pays close attention to your individual problems. I think she is awesome!

Family Medicine

I have been going to Jaime's acupuncture practice for the past 8 years. And she has treated a myriad of health issues for my family members with her vast knowledge of Chinese medicine - from migraines, asthma flare ups, stress, vertigo, colds, menstrual cycle to lower back and sciatica pains. Her service has been always exceptional and specific to our ailments at the time of the appointment. Her calmness, energy and wisdom are always great appreciated.  Jamie is always introducing new techniques and knowledge due to her constant professional development. Additionally, Jamie is fully bilingual in Spanish.

Back Injury

I've been getting treatment off and on from Jamie Wick over the past 3 or so years. I saw her last for a back injury I sustained while lifting weights. After the first acupuncture session I was able to move freely and after the second and third I was back in the gym. Jamie has a great bedside manner, remarkable intuition and truly is a master.

Pain & Body Aches

I have a full time job as a maintenance tech and when I get home I start my second job as a farmer and father of two boys. I've also not treated my body like a temple over the last 50 years. All of that put together has given me a lot of body aches and pains that I have learned to deal with. But then my wife introduced me to Point of light Accupuncture and Jamie was able to eliminate or significantly reduce the severity and occurrence of these pains. I'm now a true believer in acupuncture.


Jamie has worked wonders during my pregnancy! From back pains and swelling to general anxiety, I always find myself feeling better after leaving a session. And just this week she used acupuncture and moxa to turn my breech baby. Thanks, Jamie

Migraines & Injuries

“Jamie is extremely talented. I’m in constant awe of her depth of knowledge and her ability to apply it to the complex heath challenges I’ve tried to resolve for years. When I came to Jamie I was frustrated and at a loss for how to treat my migraines and old sports injury. I had tried everything – PT, hormone treatments, medications, etc. Within my first two sessions, my migraines had significantly improved and treating injuries was no longer a daily struggle. After working with her for several months, my migraines and injuries were an after thought and my overall quality of life – mental and physical balance – had improved drastically. Thank you so much Jamie!

A resource for the family

I highly recommend scheduling an acupuncture appointment with Jamie. We were new to the area, it had been years since we received an acupuncture treatment and our bodies were in need of a check in. Jamie is confident, highly educated and passionate about helping her clients. Although I had known about acupuncture and been visiting a practitioner regularly in the past I have learned many new things about acupuncture that I didn't know before. A few after my first appointment I had a strange aliment show up. I messaged Jamie and instantly felt better because she had an answer that made so much sense. I received a treatment, started using herbs she suggested and the aliment cleared my body. From regular maintenance to extra attention of our bodies messages I feel confident having Jamie as a resource for our family.

-Vanessa H

Improved Health & Well-Being

Jamie Wick is a highly talented acupuncturist, herbalist, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Functional Medicine. I have been seeing her for several years for a wide variety of ailments, including digestive impairments, immune system dysfunction, general weakness, and a clogged ear. Every time I consult with Jamie about my health concerns and issues, she always approaches the situation with sincere and gentle care; a multidimensional perspective; and an undeterred focus on addressing the problem at the root of what's going on. Due to her recommendations, my health and sense of wellness has significantly improved. There are a few aspects of Jamie's practice that distinguish her from other practitioners of holistic medicine: 1) Jamie has knowledge of and access to a vast and wide-ranging array of natural remedies, and she effectively uses her diagnostic skills and techniques to determine what medicine(s) will be most effective in treating imbalances of the individual; 2) Jamie approaches the healing process with complete confidence in the power of self-healing as well as in Mother Nature's reliable ability to grant healing; 3) Jamie creates and maintains a healing space that is anchored in peace, calm, and quiet and which is accented by beauty and nourishment; thereby generating an environment conducive to total relaxation; and 4) Jamie herself is constantly learning, growing, building her tool box, and enhancing her own professional skills, so the next time you see her, you will always benefit from her own passionate exploration of that which brings healing and life force.

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